Highlights of being an Extreme Sciences eMaester

  • Training on world-class content
  • Private classes form best mentors around the country
  • Become a skill development expert
  • Earning range from INR 10,000 to 45000
  • A long exciting career with multiple growth opportunities

What you learn

  • Product and curriculum orientation
  • Online training pedagogy, techniques, and tools
  • Past session assessment and review
  • Evaluating best practices and common mistakes
  • Assessment
  • Introduction to the domains of physical and formal sciences
  • Introduction to online platforms for scientific research, exploration, and simulations
  • Hands-on with the first project
  • Evaluating and grading a recorded session
  • Mock session
  • Assessment
  • Student grading and evaluating methodology
  • Culture and rituals for a standardized class experience
  • Ideal session planning
  • Quality session practices
  • Live session with a student
  • External evaluation
  • Advanced real-world projects in the field of space science, deep sea, life sciences, earth science, natural sciences
  • Hands-on assignments in developing scientific theories
  • Training methodology and assessment of assignments
  • Live session with students
  • Content improvisation through feedbacks
  • External evaluation

Reputed Brands you will represent

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What You Get


Get personalised undivided attention of your Master Trainer at the comfort of your home


Receive custom made content that’s super easy to understand, complete with teaching resources


Our curriculum is curated by experts and is constantly being upgraded and updated


Diploma in IELTS Training Certificate with a guarantee of employment


You decide when you work, where you work and how much you want to work


With earnings of 10000 per month and a 300% ROI in less than six months

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Who should Enrol

If you have any of the indicators of a great Robotics trainer, it's unlikely you have never noticed them yet. You will love this job if you have one or more these traits

  • You are a born inquisitive individual
  • You have been called an Einstein at least once by everyone who knows you
  • You cannot simply accept any fact without experimenting or observing
  • You can guess the date by looking at the moon
  • You know that the dimpled surface of a golf ball is more than an aesthetic feature
  • Your bookshelf has more SciFi books than the self-help ones
  • You have dreamt of working as a scientist at the Large Hadron Collider
  • You understand the power of questioning as the biggest tool for mankind’s advancement
  • You love teaching kids

Fee Structure

We offer this 6 Week Training Program at a fee of INR 35,000 which can be paid using any of the options given below:

Pay Upfront

INR 30,500

Avail a 15% discount

when you make an upfront payment.

Pay at 0% EMI

INR 11,500 upfront

Pay the balance amount

at 0% EMI

Pay from Earnings

INR 9,500 upfront

Pay 15% of your salary

for 2 years after you start earning

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