Diploma in

online teaching

Become an Expert Online Teacher and get future-ready!


India’s most definitive DOT program

Hyper Personalised Training

  • · Get a Personal Mentor throughout the online course
  • · Get 100% attention with just 2 students in one class

Hands-On Pedagogy

  • · Extensive practice through Mock sessions.
  • · Assist Seasoned online faculty in real online classese

Pathbreaking Curriculum

  • · Nuanced online class management techniques
  • · Mastery in tools and technology
  • · Most extensive and researched curriculum in the world

Truly Flexible

  • · No constraints of travel and place
  • · Learn at your own pace

What you learn

The art, science and technology behind teaching online

  • · Online class formats
  • · What it feels to be in a live class
  • · The process of organising a live class
  • · Your Toolkit for taking live classes
  • · Taking your first trial one on one class

  • · Pre-session waiting period
  • · Class opening and warming up
  • · Creating the class "roadmap"
  • · Creating your first roadmap

  • · Using visual aids in class
  • · Creating class ppt or lesson plan
  • · Conducting discussion based class
  • · How to conduct engaging lectures
  • · Using live quizzes, polls and instant feedback
  • · Other engaging in-class interaction formats
  • · Creating a balanced experience of lecturing, discussion, live interactions
  • · Practical - Create your first live class ppt or lesson plan

  • · Making every child feel special
  • · Erecting a classroom in within the computer screen
  • · Building relationships with the class as a whole and student as the individual

  • · Doubt and interruption management
  • · Handling small classes
  • · Handling larger classrooms
  • · Using break out rooms
  • · Using assistants
  • · Managing content, attendance and assessment

  • · Teaching Language online
  • · Teaching Social sciences online
  • · Teaching Maths, Engineering and technology online
  • · Teaching Sciences online
  • · Taking extra curricular workshops online

  • · Pre class activation
  • · Post class engagement
  • · Managing Assignments
  • · Managing Assessments

  • · Creating an complete flipped class module
  • · Planning session for a flipped class pedagogy

  • · Fluentlife - Language learning
  • · IELTSninja - Exam preparation
  • · RealSchool - K8

What you get

  • Designated Personal mentor for entire course
  • 10 hours of live classes
  • Complete software tool kit for teaching online
  • 5+ hours of co-attending in actual live online lectures
  • Lifetime access to course material for future references



+ taxes


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Success Stories


Online Trainers trained in last 3 years

4 Million

Hours of Online Classes taken

The Team Behind the Program

A team of experts coming from few of the best institutions in the country, have put their minds together to design one of the most definitive programs offered by eMaester.

Niraj Taksande

Johan Fleury

Maathangi Iyer

Atul Jain

Anirudh Swarnkar

Engineering and Design Expert

IIM Indore

Niraj, An IIM graduate is following his heart of creating projects, life hack products and mean machines. When it comes to Design, Ninja is more of an attitude. And that's the mindset which Niraj operates in. His motto is - Question what others can’t see, and then come up with possible solutions. In his classrooms, children are taught to be curious , embrace ambiguity and look for opportunities. Whether it’s a new framework, a new design trick, or a different way to view the same problem , students are taught not to give up until they arrive at a solution.

Linguistic Expert

IIM Indore

Johan is a linguistic expert, literature master, who loves science and debating . He has been a journalist, advertiser, trainer of film-makers. Johan is of the thought that in the Language Future classrooms h/she will not be the expert in all or even any of the languages chosen by the students. Instead, the role of the teacher is as a designer and facilitator of learning

Early Childhood

Development Specialist

As an HR professional , over the years Maathangi has actively worked towards development and recognition of Human Capital . From cultivating talent and the workplace to nurturing talents in children and youth , she believes that innate talent in every individual can be tapped under the right mentor . She is dedicated to transforming the way children access the world through the Power of Communication. Maathangi’s niche area is working with kids to improve their self esteem , IQ , communication skills and their overall personality. Maathangi has a great deal of experience working with students with differentiated learning needs

Expert in Humanities, Sociology

IIT Bombay

An IITian , a Sociology gold medalist from Delhi university and a successful Entrepreneur in the School Education space, That's Atul for you. A renowned trainer among UPSC aspirants at Real School, Atul creates materials that matter, content that is thoughtful, and dialogue that is human-centered. His areas of expertise include ideas pertaining to public policy, socio-cultural relevance and everything humanities. His undying appetite for reading, thinking, writing, discussing gives him the benefit of seeing issues with multiple perspectives and that is what is translates to his Classrooms

Innovator in K-12 space

IIT Bombay

Anirudh has been associated with product and content development in k-12 space for over a decade. He has vast experience in curriculum design , product design and content design . A mechanical engineer from IIT Bombay, he is passionate about early education and parent- child engagement.